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Week 17 . Jan. 2nd:
Happy New Year! Adam Conn and Jeff Thitoff from 411Fantasy join Coop at Cooper Sports Radio with final picks for week 17. It's down to the wire for finalists competing for Pay the Fan's $75,000 grand prize. Indianapolis' Gary Lawrence with his team "brettstarr" takes home $2500, winning Week 16 with 178 points. HEAR THE SHOW

Week 16 . Dec. 26th:
2 more weeks! Jeff Thitoff from 411Fantasy.com joins Coop with Week 16 Fantasy Football picks. The big winner of Pay the Fan's $2500. first prize is Pawel Czaplicki from Rockford, IL. HEAR THE SHOW

Week 15 . Dec. 19th:
Jeff Thitoff from 411Fantasy.com joins Coop with Week 15 recommendations. Rick Hallagan from Sun Valley, CA, wins Pay the Fan's $2500. first prize - hear his sleeper pick for week 15. HEAR THE SHOW

Week 14 . Dec. 12th:
Adam Conn from 411Fantasy.com join Coop with Week 13 recommendations. HEAR THE SHOW

Week 13 . Dec. 5th:
Expert prognostigators Jeff Thitoff and Adam Conn from 411Fantasy.com join Coop with Week 13 recommendations. HEAR THE SHOW

Week 12 . Nov 28th:
Sports Media Analyst Chuck Curry joins Coop for the Week 12 rundown. Plus, Week 11 PayTheFan winners, Bob and Joe Halverson, brothers from Montgomery, Illinois, on how they won playing just two teams without killing each other! HEAR THE SHOW

Week 11 . Thurs. Nov 19th:
Coop from TheFootballExpert.com recommends the top fantasy picks for Week 11, including the Thursday night game. And we talk to another Chicago winner! Mike Dahlem owns the LumberJacks team. It came in first place in week 10 of the PTF Fantasy Football game, edging out carricob1 by .5 points. If you missed any of the other winners strategy advice, check out the archive at coopersportsradio.com HEAR THE SHOW

Week 10 . Sat. Nov 14th:
Coop from TheFootballExpert.com and Jeff Thitoff from 411Fantasy.com recommend the top fantasy picks for Week 10 and talk to the week 9 winning team "1st-and-10 Ben" owned by a father/son team. Richard and David Kunicki. Dave has won over $50,000 from Pay The Fan in both Football and Nascar in just 3 years. HEAR THE SHOW

Week 9 . Sat. Nov 7th:
Coop is joined by Adam Conn from 411Fantasy to break down Week 9 game by game and Week 8 Pay The Fan winner, Damien Ebanez, shares his knuckle biting moments. Live from Kansas City, correspondent Mike Louden reports on Larry Johnson's future with the Chiefs. HEAR THE SHOW

WEEK 8 . Sat. Oct 31st:
A very scary look at Week 7 and a game by game Fantasy analysis of what lies in store for Week 8 with Michael Cooper, Paul Eide and Week 7 winner, Toby Veach from Whittier CA, who put his money on the disappointing Tony Romo and scored big!

WEEK 7. Sat. Oct 24th:
PTF winners Dave Miller [Two Drink Minimum] and Brad DeFruiter (who lost by 9/10ths of a point) join Coop and Eide to review week 6 and look at week 7. HEAR THE SHOW

WEEK 6 . Sat. Oct 17th: Jeff Thitoff from 411Fantasy.com fills in for Paul Eide and Michael Cooper fills in for the PayTheFan 1st prize winner with his 3rd place win - what team sealed the deal for Coop?
Farve's Revenge!

WEEK 5 . Sat. Oct 10th: Coop and Paul Eide review every matchup in Week 5. Week 4's $2500. PaytheFan winner, Jonathan Share, weighs in from Chicago. HEAR THE SHOW

WEEK 4 . Sat. Oct 3rd: Jeff Thitoff and Adam Conn from 411Fantasy.com, join Coop and Paul Eide for coverage of every matchup in Week 4 and talk a little smack. Week 3's $2500. PaytheFan winner Dustin Mullinex and co-founder John Hartman weigh in on winning strategies. HEAR THE SHOW

WEEK 3 . Sat. Sept 26th: Last minute tips from Michael Cooper & Paul Eide at TheFootballExpert.com breaking down the fantasy prospects in all the Week 3 games. Hear key strategies from Week 1 and Week 2 Winners at Pay the Fan, the highest paying Fantasy League on the net. HEAR THE SHOW

WEEK 2 . Sat. Sept 19th: Last minute tips from Michael Cooper at TheFootballExpert.com breaking down the fantasy prospects in all the Week 2 games. Sponsored by PayTheFan.com, the highest paying Fantasy League on the net. HEAR THE SHOW

WEEK 1 . Sat. Sept. 12th: It's Game Time Baby. Week 1 is upon us. Get last minute tips from Michael Cooper and Paul Eide of TheFootballExpert.com who breakdown the fantasy prospects in all the Week 1 games. HEAR THE SHOW

Saturday September 5th
The Football Expert Radio Show is back with last minute Fantasy picks for your NFL Draft and for the thousands of you playing at www.PayTheFan.com.


Hosts Michael Cooper and Paul Eide with www.TheFootballExpert.com were joined by special guests: Jeff Thitoff from 411Fantasy.com, discussing the second annual national competition between Fantasy Football experts and how our listeners can compete against the top Fantasy Experts from CBS, ESPN. Roto World and The Football Expert. Jeff reveals his top NFL Fantasy picks. You'll also meet and the man behind PayTheFan.com, Bruce Crumbliss. Bruce talks about the third year of the richest Fantasy Football game in the country. In the past two years Pay the Fan has paid winners over 2 million dollars!

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2009 DRAFT
Coop and Eide interview the hot Prospects:
Eugene Monroe
, the #8 overall pick in the draft by the Jacksonville Jaguars spoke with my Football Expert Radio Show co-host Paul Eide and myself to discuss his past success at Virginia and his future in the NFL. LISTEN

Connor Barwin –
The University of Cincinnati standout Defensive End who lead the Big East in sacks talks about his preparation for this weekend’s combine, his historic season at Cincinnati and his standout performance at the Senior Bowl. LISTEN

Gerard Cadpgan - First team All Big Ten Left Tackle Gerald “The Man Mountain” Cadogan from Penn State on who he thinks are the best defensive players he matched up with this past season. What went wrong in the Rose Bowl, what it’s like to play for Joe Paterno, why he recruited his little brother to play for the Nitty Lions and we even get this renaissance man to sing a little A cappella for us a first on the Football Expert Radio Show LISTEN
Super Bowl wrap + Maurice Crum and Chris Pressley LISTEN

Michael Crabtree l Glenn Coffee

Here's a list of Round One Picks in this year’s draft. I was very pleased with San Francisco taking my overall #1 Wide Receiver and Running Back in this year’s College All Stars; Michael Crabtree and Glen Coffee. You already know about Crabtree but Coffee is going to be the next Shaun Alexander and has far more tread on his tires than any of the big three backs taken in the first round. Remember, you heard the Coffee prediction here first.

1. Detroit Lions- Matthew Stafford, Georgia. He’s the guy who finally changes things in the motor city.

2. St Louis- Jason Smith, Baylor. Great pick but this team is still running on empty

3. Kansas City- Tyson Jackson, LSU. Another Tiger in the tank for the second straight year - this young team will really be something in another couple of years.

4. Seattle- Aaron Curry, LB Wake Forest. Another team still not running on all cylinders despite this addition.

5. New York Jets- Mark Sanchez, QB USC. He’ll start and succeed as much as anyone can with the JETS.

6. Cincinnati- Andre Smith, OL Alabama. They had a great draft and he’s their offensive anchor.

7. Oakland- Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR Maryland. Al Davis is showing us all that it’s sad when we get old and crazy.

8. Jacksonville- Eugene Monroe, T Virginia. Best lineman in the draft and just what the Jaguar’s needed after last season’s collapse when their O line fell apart.

9. Green Bay- B.J. Raji, DT Boston College. Who cares - I still hate these guys for screwing over Favre.

10. San Francisco- Michael Crabtree, WR Texas Tech. Mike Singletary will be in the Super Bowl in two more seasons.

11. Buffalo- Aaron Maybin, DE. They need help everywhere.

Former Cardinal Calvin Pace, DE with the New York Jets, joins Coop and Eide on the Jets collapse and why they couldn't win on the West Coast. Plus Football Expert predictions for who will win the Super Bowl. LISTEN

Coop and Paul Eide talk to Daniel Wilcox, starting Tight End wth the Baltimore Ravens about history, teammates and preparation for the Championship game against the Steelers. LISTEN

Kevin Boss
Superbowl Champion and All-Pro, Kevin Boss, tight-end with the New York Giants, discusses his career, last year's win and preparation for their game against the Eagles as the Giants defend the Lombardi trophy. LISTEN

Coop and Eide also talk to Dave Tollefson,
DE with the Giants LISTEN

David Tyree with the catch of the century for the Giants in the 2008 Superbowl. LISTEN

Are you new to The Football Expert Radio Show? Give us a few minutes to make you a fan by listening to our show demo. LISTEN to the DEMO

Interview with Jaguars QB, David Garrard 9.08
Coop and 80 interview Jacksonville Jaguars Quarterback as he prepares to take his 0-2 team into a huge game against the Indianapolis Colts... and find out what David has in common with Brett Favre. LISTEN

June 19 Coop remembers Tim Russert

June 2008 Mike Minter Interview LISTEN HERE
Join Michael Cooper and Paul Eide in their hour long interview
with the most devastating Carolina Panther defensive player in history. Retired Safety Mike Minter discusses his 20 year journey through football including the highs and lows from 1-15 to within a minute of a Super Bowl Championship. LISTEN HERE